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KH-GX6 Mattress Belt Sewing Machine

KH-GX6 Mattress Belt Sewing Machine

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1. The head is designed as dual-bolt and straight-needle.
2. Adopt synchronous dual-needle four-thread equipped with auxiliary cloth-feeding system of the upper belt feeding and the lower feed dog, which makes the cloth-feeding precise and the stitches beautiful when sewing and eliminates the folds occurring when the cloth is being sewed.

3. Adopt exported electronic positioning motor and controller to control the sewing speed.
4. Adopt air drive to control the automatic lift of the presser foot and the coder to control the needle position, and are in steady operation and low noise.

5. High-pressure oiling system with double filtration.
6. Dual-needle and the presser foot plate can be lifted and dropped for 35mm, which makes the cloth discharge more convenient and fast.
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